“Where vegetables, flowers, and dreams grow”

   Chinatown community Garden Is part of a growing effort to improve the community of Chinatown here in Salinas.The garden also has adoptable garden beds for those whom don't have the room to garden and would like fresh veggies of their own. The adopted beds can be obtained by contacting the steward of the garden or email [email protected].
“Where vegetables, flowers, and dreams grow”
Providing a free public green space to a low-income neighborhood, increasing food production and community building.
Short History of the Garden: The Service Learning Institute (SLI) of California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) developed a public green space and community garden on an abandoned lot, replacing urban neglect with beauty, nutritious food, and employment. The Garden was established by dedicated local marginalized individuals through a job-training program started in 2006. This 24,000 sq. ft. site, the Chinatown Community Garden is where people come to grow food. Garden beds are adopted by residents of the neighborhood and organizations. Each person or organization who adopts a bed takes care of and receives the bounty of their own harvest. The Garden is where 55+ community members (including Salinas’ youth, currently homeless individuals, and university volunteers) learn methods of sustainable gardening and natural building. Currently, the organizations involved with the Garden are: Hope Services, Clinica de Salud, Sustainable Salinas, Dorothy’s Place, Buddhist Temple, Confucius Church, United Way, and the Volunteer Center.
Short History of the Garden Site: On June 13, 1893, the Garden site was marked as, “ground zero” and recognized as sacred ground. This is because, it was there, days after a major fire destroyed the majority of Chinatown, that four out of the first eight property lots were finally leased to Chinese merchants from Mr. Sherwood. Soon after, boarding houses, backroom residents, and houses were built redeveloping Chinatown.
Volunteer: The Garden is largely maintained by volunteers from CSUMB, Volunteer Center, United Way, and CalWorks. Volunteer hours available are Tuesdays through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
To learn about up-and-coming events in the Garden ask to be on the Garden’s email list.
Chinatown Community Garden prior to revitalization
Chinatown Community Garden after revitaliation